Special Drops & Prime Gaming Rewards - April 2022

Game developers made an announcement regarding the in-game activities as well as Prime Gaming rewards for April following the weekly update. Check out the full announcement below.

Welcome to the April Special Drops announcement. Once again, we’re back again with some unique rewards for everyone who logs into the game this time. That’s right! Simply by logging in to the game every day, you can make all the rewards your own. In addition, the monthly update for Prime Gaming is also in the plan, so check them out now!

Special Drops: Exciting Start of May!

Login Event and Rewards

Simply log in to the game during the event period to receive the rewards below. Then, come back every day and get all of them!

Login Reward
Day 1 Polymer x100
Day 2 Polymer x200
Day 3 XP Boost 5% (Until: May 8, 5 PM PDT)
Day 4 XP Boost 5% (Until: May 8, 5 PM PDT)
Day 5 XP Boost 5% (Until: May 8, 5 PM PDT)
Day 6 Contraband Coupon x10
Day 7 Contraband Coupon x20

Consecutive Login Rewards

Log in to the game every day during the event period to receive two additional Consecutive Login Rewards. So have you forgotten to come back to the game? Worry not! You can continue to add up your consecutive logins during the event period and receive these rewards after three and five straight days of logins. 

Consecutive Logins Rewards
3rd day XP Boost 5% (Until: May 8, 5 PM PDT)
5th day 1 Level Up Coupon

Event Period

This event is available on both PC and Console platforms.

  • PC & Console
    • PDT: April 29, 0 AM – May 8, 0 AM
    • CEST: April 29, 9 AM – May 8, 9 AM
    • KST: April 29, 4 PM – May 8, 4 PM

Prime Gaming Rewards – April

Premium Supply Pack #3

  • SPRAY – PUBG Dacia
  • Silver G-Coin Box
  • Contraband Coupon x10
  • Polymer x30

Reward Claimable Date

  • PC & Console
    • PDT: April 28, 5 PM – May 26, 5 PM
    • CEST: April 29, 2 AM – May 27, 2 AM
    • KST: April 29, 9 AM – May 27, 9 AM

How to Claim Rewards

  • Access our Prime Gaming page.
  • Click the “Claim Now” button below the claimable reward.
  • Sign in to or sign up for an Amazon Prime account.
    • You need an Amazon account to sign up for Prime. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can create one by clicking “Create Your Amazon Account.”
    • After signing up for Amazon Prime, you will be required to add a payment method. You can start your 7-day free trial first and pay the monthly payment after the trial.
  • After you successfully set up your Amazon Prime account, you will be redirected to the reward claiming window.
  • Press “Go to KRAFTON” to link your KRAFTON ID to your Amazon Prime account.
  • You are required to agree to allow Prime Gaming the rights to access your game account information. After confirmation, you will be redirected to our Prime Gaming page.
  • Click “Complete Claim” to receive your reward!
  • Access the game and you will see your rewards automatically granted to your Inventory.


  • Do I have to be a Amazon Prime member to receive the rewards?
    • Yes, your Prime membership must be maintained during the monthly reward claimable dates to receive the rewards.
  • Can I cancel my Prime membership?
    • Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime. To cancel, go to your Account & Settings page in primevideo.com and click “End Membership.”
  • I started my 7-day free trial but I got charged $1.00 USD.
    • Amazon Prime will initially extract $1.00 USD from your bank account to confirm your payment method. The $1.00 USD will be returned a few days later.
  • Will every game platform linked to my KRAFTON ID receive the rewards?
    • Yes, every game platform tied to your KRAFTON ID will automatically receive the claimed rewards!
  • Help! I linked the wrong PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS account to my KRAFTON ID.
    • Submit a ticket through PUBG Support and we’ll assist you as quickly as possible.