New cosmetics added after maintenance

A new batch of cosmetic items developed in partnership with streamer RASH BeiXi hit the PUBG: Battlegrounds in-game store today. The cost of the full set is 3,500 G-Coin. The skins will be available for purchase until July 13, 2022.


  • RASH BeiXi's Mega Bundle (3500 G-COIN)
  • RASH BeiXi's Hoodie Set (690 G-COIN)
  • RASH BeiXi's Lion Costume Set (1390 G-COIN)
  • RASH BeiXi's Backpack Set (1000 G-COIN)
  • RASH BeiXi's Weapon Set (1980 G-COIN)

Developers fixed a few bugs after maintenance