PNC 2022: Europe Team, Player and Coach Selection

We’re gearing up for a truly global Battle Royale this Summer as 16 countries prepare to drop into the Battlegrounds for the PUBG Nations Cup 2022 (PNC)! Among the teams set to clash in Bangkok, Thailand, are four formidable squads from Europe: Finland, Germany, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Wherever you call home, we hope you’ll enjoy bringing your passionate support to Europe’s teams throughout PNC 2022!

Player Selection

Similar to the PUBG Nations Cup 2019, players will be selected to represent their nation based on a mixture of recent performances and peer voting.

Performance Selection

The first two competitors will earn their roster spots based on their placements in recent events, including in order of priority: G-Loot Season 5 Grand Finals, PCS6 Europe Regional Playoffs, and PSL Spring Showdown Grand Finals. Where two players from the same country finished with identical placements, the player with the most kills will rank higher.

Furthermore, to encourage squad diversity, nations will be limited to two players from a single pro team. Countries with fewer than six eligible players will be able to feature multiple players from the same competitive squad.

Peer Voting Selection

Competitors from participating nations will also have the chance to vote for the players that should represent their team at PNC. The players that receive the most votes will earn the third and fourth positions respectively.

To be eligible to cast and to receive a vote, a player must have participated in one of the following events: G-Loot Season 5 Grand Finals, PSL Spring Showdown Grand Finals, PCS6 Europe Regional Playoffs. Players who play for squads outside the Europe region are also eligible if they have participated in a PGC-qualifying event, including ESL PUBG Masters or PCS6 Americas, Asia, or APAC.

Coach Selection

Once the national squads are locked in, the four team members will vote for their coach from among eligible coaches and players who have participated in any of the above-mentioned events.