GLL will not allow some clubs to participate in G-Loot PUBG Season 5

The organizers of G-Loot PUBG Season 5 announced that a few esports organizations are not allowed to participate in the competition, but players will take part in the tournament under a neutral tag.

GLL did not specify which teams they were talking about, but one of them is most-likely Earlier, the developers of PUBG: Battlegrounds announced that players of this club are allowed to perform in the grand final of PUBG Continental Series 6 with a neutral flag. VP received a direct invite to the final round of G-Loot PUBG Season 5 along with the rest of the PUBG partners.

G-Loot PUBG Season 5 participants will not only win cash prizes (total prize pool is $50,000) but also qualification points to qualify for PGC 2022.