Patch Notes - Update 16.1

Hello Survivors!

Note: Moving forward, our monthly Patch Notes will contain both PC and Console updates in a single announcement (thus the simple title).

16.1 Highlights

To be updated with the Live Server update.

※ Please keep in mind that the features and updates we provide below may be modified or even possibly removed due to reasons such as bugs, in-game issues, and/or community feedback. We will update our players if such changes occur.

Weapon Balance

We’re back with another weapon balance in this update to provide each weapon type a chance to shine in tactical battles and to prevent scenarios where players are all holstering the identical, overperforming weapon.

After we toned down M416’s reload time, base damage, initial bullet speed, and damage drop-off range in Update 7.2 due to the M416 being the most powerful AR and one of the top performing guns in the whole game, we noticed our players were gradually dropping the M416 for stronger ARs such as the Beryl M762. However, despite Beryl M762’s several nerfs in past updates, the weapon continues to show strong in-game performance. Additionally, out of all the DMRs, we’ve noticed the SLR was being favored due to its powerful damage – therefore, players’ options in battles seemed to be narrowed down to the Beryl M762 and the SLR.

Yet, we didn’t want to stress our players out more by nerfing well-used weapons, so instead we’ve decided to not only bring M416’s stats back up, but we also buffed the hard-hitting, high-velocity Mk12 while having it spawn in other maps to prompt more frequent 5.56mm ammo usage among DMRs.

※ Damage drop-off range: The distance at which the weapon’s damage starts to decrease from its maximum damage percentage.


  • Damage increase: 40 → 41
  • Initial bullet speed increase: 780m/s → 880m/s
  • Damage drop-off range increased: 50m → 60m


  • Damage increase: 50 → 51
  • Damage drop-off range increased: 75m → 90m
  • The Mk12 will now spawn in every available map (Normal and Ranked).
    • The spawn settings in Custom Matches have been applied accordingly.

SMGs and Shotguns

We heard and are aware of our players’ thoughts on our past weapon balancing on SMGs, Shotguns, etc., but the reason as to why it is difficult to actively readjust in-game balancing is due to the requirement of using several months of cumulative data as a foundation to potential changes. Therefore, we will continue tracking our players’ feedback and data to bring healthier balances to the game.

Vehicle Spawn – Ranked

  • Fixed spawn spots for the Porter have been added to Taego in Ranked Matches.

Map Service

As the winter season melts away, we’ll be saying goodbye to Vikendi for a while and welcoming Karakin back to normal matches this season.

  • Normal Match
    • Erangel / Miramar / Sanhok / Karakin / Taego
  • Ranked Match
    • Erangel / Miramar / Taego

Ranked – Season 16

A new Ranked season starts with this update. But before you dive right into Season 16, check the Season 15 reward list below to see what rewards you’ll be receiving based on the final Tier you held in the previous season.

Tier Season 15 Reward List
Bronze Bronze PUBG ID Emblem
Silver Silver PUBG ID Emblem
Gold Gold PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
Platinum Animated Platinum PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
Diamond Animated Diamond PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
Master Animated Master PUBG ID EmblemAnimated Master NameplateRanked Parachute Skin
Top 500 Bonus rewards for Top 500 players: Animated Top 500 PUBG ID EmblemAnimated Top 500 Nameplate
  • The Parachute Skin is a permanent reward.
  • The rest of the earnable rewards is available for use for the duration of a single Ranked Season.
  • Rewards can be found in the Inventory as soon as Season 16 starts.
  • Once Season 16 is over and the server undergoes maintenance, every reward but the Parachute Skin will be withdrawn from the Inventory.


  • The colors of Miramar’s minimap have been slightly adjusted to represent a clearer and more realistic appearance.


Friends List

  • The Previous List from the Friends List has been moved to a separate tab.
    • PUBG Friends / Platform Friends / Previous List
  • (Consoles) The default selection is placed on the page’s very first player.
    • Applied to Friends List, Friend Requests, and Recent Players.
  • (Consoles) The selection remains in its current spot when lists are refreshed.
    • Applied to Friends List, Friend Requests, Recent Players, and Team Finder.

Match Report

  • The Summary tab in the Match Report page now shows players’ combat records of kills and DBNOs.

QoL (PC Only)

  • To make it more convenient for players to use shortcut keys for sprays, the Emote Shortcut setting will now have the option to activate spray items as well.
    • The name for this option will be updated in the next 16.2 Update.
  • The spray items’ spraying distance has increased.


  • Unnecessary in-game assets, widgets, sounds, and animations have been removed from each game mode and platform to enhance in-game stability and loading speed.

Anti-Cheat (Test Server Only)

  • A solution to the commonly reported cheat software ESP (that shows other players’ locations) we’ve been working on will be initially tested on this update’s Test Server.
  • To prevent possible issues such as enemy movements appearing awkward from afar to severely shaking character animations to spectating from underwater from occurring, the Death Cam and Replay features in this update’s Test Server will be disabled.
  • Once this solution is concluded to be stable and safe to use, we will discuss implementing them to the Live Server.

Bug Fixes


  • (PC) Fixed the issue of bots unable to move to land from water.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of a Blue Zone being spotted in Bootcamp, Sanhok (Team Deathmatch).
  • (PC) Fixed the issue in Custom Matches where the Observer is unable to click the Confirm/Cancel buttons after using the Kick feature.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of the screen ping marker being marked to the player’s current vehicle instead of the player’s intended location when player is in a vehicle in ADS mode.
  • (Consoles) Fixed the issue in Basic Training where players are only able to complete the shooting mission in ADS mode.
  • (Consoles) Fixed the issue of the selection in the Inventory being automatically set to the bottom.
  • Fixed the issue of being able to carry more than one knocked out player.
  • Fixed the awkward animation when reviving a knocked out teammate after carrying more than one knocked out player.
  • Fixed the issue of a player being seen in an abnormal position after getting knocked out while putting down a knocked down teammate.
  • Fixed the issue of the knocked out feed and message not appearing after knocking down an enemy outside a certain range.
  • Fixed the issue of receiving unknown damage in the farm field near Go Dok, Taego when driving a three-wheeled motorcycle.
  • Fixed the issue of having the same amount of throwables as another player’s after rejoining a game session.
  • Fixed the issue of the Comeback Arena message popping up when a player, with its whole team wiped out, is spectating an enemy.
  • Fixed the issue of DBNO messages popping up to players located outside the specific range.
  • Fixed the issue of players being in an invincible state when using the Drone while Auto Running.
  • Fixed the issue of players dying when trying to loot items through the Inventory while using a Self-AED.
  • Fixed the issue of the Drone icon’s pointer pointing the other way in both the Minimap and the World Map.


  • (PC) Fixed the issue of flickering foliage and its slow loading speed in Erangel.
  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and more general issues in Taego.
  • Fixed the issue of a flickering poster in Taego.


  • (Consoles) Fixed the screen dimming issue when players preview the PCS2 OUTFIT SET.
  • (Consoles) Fixed the Team Invite option moving to the right when enabling Team Finder in the Social page.
  • (Consoles) Fixed the broken text issue for the game perspective option in Ranked when the game language is set to Spanish.
  • (Consoles) Fixed the awkward text alignment of the Radio Message button preset description in Settings.
  • (PC) Fixed the disappearing Sandbox logo issue when turning the UI off and on in Sandbox Mode.
  • (PC) Fixed the missing teammate UI issue when entering the map from the Inventory screen.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of the menu popping up on the left when clicking the Profile button in the main lobby.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of the menu popping up on the left when clicking a player’s nickname from the chat.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of being unable to zoom in/out in the item previews after opening the chat in the Store.
  • (PC) Fixed the overlapping UI issue after reading a Reputation Level description in the Social page.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of the missing game rating on the bottom left of the System Menu.
  • Fixed the issue of players momentarily seeing two obtained Ranked Season 13 parachute rewards in the Inventory.
  • Fixed the dark main lobby issue when the plane’s door closes.

Items & Skins

※ Clipping issue: Graphics that are shown outside the visible part of an image/object.

  • (PC) Fixed the clipping issue when a character equips certain helmet items with eye accessory items.
  • Reduced the brightness of Jeremy Lin – AKM skin’s Dot Sight/Magazine as they appeared relatively brighter indoors.
  • Fixed the issue of the character’s armpit turning transparent when using emotes with certain jacket items equipped.
  • Fixed the issue of a female character’s legs turning transparent after equipping the Manhunter Pants with any top.
  • Fixed the issue of the El Solitario Wolf Bodysuit’s color appearing abnormal in-game.
  • Fixed the issue of the missing logo on the Ready to Rumble Gloves.
  • Fixed the texture issue of the PCS5 Squad Wipe Vest (Level 1).