European PCS Wildcard system revealed

Following the success of the PCS Europe Wildcards last year, the momentum continues as we proudly bring back the system in 2022, allowing teams to fast track their qualification to first-party PUBG competitions. 
PCS Europe Wildcards will be offered as an additional reward at approved third-party events within the EMEA region. By earning a Wildcard, teams will receive a direct invitation to PCS Regional Playoffs, and ultimately, a shot at qualifying for the PCS Europe Grand Finals.

The high performance of teams plays an important factor- tournaments accredited with a PCS Europe Wildcard will grant the slot to the top performing team in that competition. The number of Wildcards may vary per event, but will always be assigned to teams in meritocratic order, starting from first position on the leaderboard. The team that acquires a Wildcard will be seeded into EE, EW or MEA Regional Playoffs depending on which region they represent (PCS rulebook restrictions apply). 
We’re excited to connect Europe's exciting third-party events to the PCS system, and we look forward to discovering new talent from across the region!