KRAFTON announced a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Pinkfong Baby Shark.

Hello Everyone!

I think we can all agree, there are few things to make your day better than a video of a cute animal on the internet. And while many of these videos are about adorable cats or precious dogs, here at PUBG MOBILE we think the absolute cutests is the baby shark. So much in fact, that we currently have an event in-game where you can get your own Baby Shark emote! However, to sweeten the deal even more, we're hosting a community event that will let some lucky winners get their hands on a permanent Baby Shark in-game outfit. Check out the full event details below to see how you can get your hands on one.

Event Period

  • 10/24 - 11/7

How to Enter

  • First things first, if you haven’t already make sure you head over to the event center in-game and claim your Baby Shark in-game emote

  • Next, take a screenshot or video clip of you using the Baby Shark emote on the battlefield in a unique or creative way.

  • Then post your clip to social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube, in a public post with the event hashtags #PUBGM, #contest, and #BabySharkEmote to finalize your entry

  • Once you’ve done that you’re all done and officially entered into the event!

Rules and Prizing

  • There will be five (5) winners for this event

  • Each of the winners will receive a permanent Baby Shark in-game outfit

  • Winners will be selected by how unique and creative the screenshot submitted is

  • Anyone is able to participate and submit as many times as they’d like to enter

  • If an entry is selected as a winner, all other submissions will be disqualified

  • Entrants can only win one reward

  • If anyone is found to be using multiple social media accounts in the attempt to win multiple rewards, they will be disqualified and banned from all future PUBG MOBILE events

Enough talk! It’s time to go forth and show your friends and enemies the power of Baby Shark! We can’t wait to see all the awesome and creative ways everyone utilizes this emote. Thank you everyone for continuing to be why the PUBG MOBILE community is so great, and we’ll see you on the battlefield