Personified PUBG shop returns

Game developers returned the personalized store feature ("Your Shop") to PUBG: Battlegrounds today. Players can buy both new and old (i.e. those that are no longer available in the main PUBG store) cosmetic items and even entire sets at discounts of up to 70% there.

Exclusive offers will change randomly once a week. Streamer skins, tournament skins, and various collabs will not be available in the store. "Your Store" is available from September 29 through October 20.

KRAFTON introduced a new global update for PUBG: Battlegrounds, which is already available in the game's test client. In this patch, the developers updated the Taego map, made some changes to the Mending location, added decorations on Erangel in honour of "Halloween", and introduced an innovation that allows you to carry knocked teammates and enemies on your shoulders.