Vanir, Heroic & The Last Dance qualified for PCS 5 Europe

The winners of PUBG Continental Series 5 qualification for the Western European region are Vanir (Flamyyy, HjortdalN, Keano, YellowFTW), Heroic (Beami, TeaBone, Pag3, curexi) and The Last Dance (karxx, IMomme, Godrillaa, Yuriy).

  • Three Turkish squads have qualified for PCS 5 in Europe.

Qualification for Eastern Europe will also take place at the end of August, which will result in three more teams making it to the tournament.

PUBG Esports announced a list of seven teams directly invited to the grand final of the fifth season of PUBG Continental Series earlier., Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan and other teams received invites.