Turkish 0rgless signed by Galakticos

Turkish eSports club Galakticos has signed the 0rgless squad, which includes four players from Turkey. Galakticos has not represented in  PUBG: Battlegrounds earlier.

0rgless is one of the winners of qualifiers for PUBG Continental Series 5 in the MEA region (the Middle East and Africa).

The 0rgless lineup was formed back in January of this year. The squad has won around $10,000 in prize money in PUBG: Battlegrounds over the past months.

Galakticos lineup:

  • Турция, Turkey, TR Yiğit Can "xLyron" Polat
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Onur "onur" Özdemir
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Anil "Thenderlost" Arslan
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Tugay "Quetpa" Demirel