Uncivil left Spacestation Gaming

well-known American eSports athlete Timothy "Uncivil" Ebarb has announced he's stepping down from Spacestation Gaming. Uncivil didn't explain the reason for the decision, but added that it will be better for both him and the team.

Recall that Uncivil took 11th place at the PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 as part of Shoot to Kill - the team then won almost $130,000 in prize money. Uncivil joined Any Trolls in Chat for the fifth season of PCS.

Uncivil has represented Spacestation Gaming since June 1 of this year, when the organization signed the Spicy Fish lineup. The team finished in the top 12 at PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas and ESL PUBG Masters: Americas Phase 2, earning a combined four thousand dollars in prize money.

Spacestation Gaming lineup:

  • США, United States, US Dylan "Roth" Short
  •  Daniel "Sharpshot" Hernandez
  • Канада, Canada, CA Jeremy "Keenan" Traverse