PCS5 Regional Playoffs: Format and Broadcasts

Ahead of the PCS5 Regional Playoffs, we take a closer look at the format and how rosters can secure their spot at the main event!

Next month, PUBG Esports rosters from across Europe will enter the Battlegrounds to fight it out at PCS5 Europe Regional Playoff tournaments to try and secure themselves a spot at the Grand Finals.

And, as if they needed any more motivation, there will also be a $10,000 USD prize pool at stake for each sub region.

It is going to be a busy busy month!

The Lowdown

First off, the Playoffs will be divided into three sub regions – Europe West, Europe East and Middle East & Africa – with 24 rosters competing at each tournament. The teams participating will have either progressed from Open Qualifiers, earned their places based on past performance or Wildcards from third-party events, or been invited directly. Stay tuned for more details closer to each Playoff event.

In each regional tournament, the 24 competing teams will be split into three groups of eight. Each group will compete over three days, playing a total of 18 matches.

After all is said and done, the top three squads from each sub region will progress to the PCS5 Europe Grand Finals. That’s when the competition really heats up as rosters will go head-to-head for a share of more than $250,000 and vital PGC Qualification Points. The PCS5 winner will even receive a direct invitation to the PUBG Global Championship!

Check out our graphic below to see the full tournament breakdown:

The Regional Playoffs will take place on the following dates:

  • Middle East & Africa 
    • - Regional Playoffs: 13 - 15 August - Watch on PUBG Turkey Twitch & TikTok (broadcast in Turkish)
  • Europe West
    • - Regional Playoffs: 20 - 22 August - Watch on PUBG Esports Twitch, YouTube & TikTok (broadcast in English)
  • Europe East
    • - Regional Playoffs: 27 - 29 August - Watch on PUBG CIS Twitch, YouTube & TikTok (broadcast in Russian)

All matches will be live-streamed on local regional channels, so keep an eye on our official PUBG Esports site for upcoming details including broadcast times.