ESL PUBG Masters: Summer grand final will take place in a month

ESL has announced the Summer ESL PUBG Masters where participants will share $50,000 in prize money and the PGC points required to qualify for the year's main event, the PUBG Global Championship 2021.

Compared with the spring event, ESL increased the capacity of open qualifiers to 512 teams, as well as adopting the official tournament format WWCD. In addition, the organizers have introduced additional cash prizes for the participants (for the biggest number of frags, victories, etc.). The distribution of the prize money is as follows:

The data for all the stages is as follows:

  • Qualifiers: July 8th - 11th
  • Upper Bracket: July 16th
  • Lower Bracket: July 17th - 18th
  • Grand Finals- Week 1: July 24th - 25th
  • Grand Finals- Week 2: July 31st - Aug 1st