Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

With PCS4 just around the corner, we’d like to provide some information on seat distribution for the finale of the 2021 PUBG Esports competition, PGC – The PUBG Global Championship.

PGC 2021 will be held in November, with a total of 32 of the world’s finest teams participating in the event.

The 32 entries to PGC 2021 are split across the four PCS regions:

  • Asia – 12 Tickets
  • Europe – 8 Tickets
  • Americas – 6 Tickets
  • APAC – 6 Tickets


Six teams will carry the flag for the APAC region at the 2021 PUBG Global Championship. The selection process of our six representatives will be decided by which teams have gathered the most PGC Points.

  • 2 slots – The winner of PCS 4 & 5 will secure its slot at PGC.
  • 1 slot – The most-earned point team from Thailand.
  • 1 slot  – The most-earned point team from Vietnam.
  • 2 slots – The rest teams in the final ranking table (including Thailand/ Vietnam).
  • In case the points is equal, team with higher rank in PCS5 (latest official tournament) will get the slot.

When The winner of PCS4 is the winning PCS5

  • PCG seed will be assigned to the runner-up of PCS5

When teams are in a tie based on the PGC points

  • Hier ranking will go to the team with a higher final score in PCS5
  • Hier ranking will go to the team with a higher ranking in the final m