Zenith E-Sports ingame leader leaves afer PGI.S

Zenith E-Sports North America captain Dylan "Roth" Short has announced that he will be leaving the team after the PUBG Global Invitational.S. Roth did not elaborate on the reasons for this decision but added that he has long begun to think about leaving the team.

Another North American team, Shoot To Kill, recently replaced one of their players, America США, United States, US Timothy "Uncivil" Ebarb, right in the middle of PUBG Global Inviational.S.

Zenith E-Sports squad:

  • США, United States, US Dylan "Roth" Short
  • США, United States, US Matt "Kickstart" Smith
  • США, United States, US Brent "Poonage" Mullany
  • Канада, Canada, CA Nolan "Shinboi" Burdick