BatulinS: "I am absolutely happy with this result" squad leader Alexander "BatulinS" Batulin summarized the results of the PUBG Global Invitational.S third game week finals, which the "bears" finished on the second line of the standings.

In Week 3, from the team that has always played from a position we turned into the one that finished in the top 2 of the world thanks to the highest number of fixtures won. There was an adjustment. Finished between Faze and Geng. I am absolutely happy with this result, not because of the prize money or the final place, but the game we showed in this final.

Thank you all so much for the support, this is just the beginning! There's more to come. And huge congratulations to FaZe, they're beauties.

The winner of the Week 2 PGI.S finals received $100,000; the silver medalist received $50,000; and the teams that finished 3rd and 4th each won $25,000 in prize money.