RYE Gaming introduced new line-up with ADOUZ1E

British organization Raise Your Edge Gaming returned to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with a new composition, which included the player of the former squad Roman "ADOUZ1E" Zinoviev. The Russian player represented this club since July this year, but in October RYE Gaming disbanded the team.

The Belgian Tristan "SILERZZ" Van den Houte, Czech Miloslav "PiXeL1K" Feik and Estonian Kristo "xKriss" Kiisler also became members of the team. The new roster makes its debut in the winter championship DreamHack PUBG Showdown.

RYE Gaming opened a PUBG department in December 2018. In almost two years, the club has earned just over 21 thousand dollars in prizes.

The new composition of RYE Gaming:

  • Россия, Russia, RU Roman "ADOUZ1E" Zinoviev
  • Бельгия, Belgium, BE Tristan "SILERZZ" Van den Houte
  • Чехия, Czech Republic, CZ Miloslav "PiXeL1K" Feik
  • Эстония, Estonia, EE Kristo "xKriss" Kiisler

Origin: twitter.com