PUBG shield NA EMEA community anti-cheat initiative

Hey everyone!

Cheating is a problem that affects the entire PUBG community. The problem itself is quite nuanced, so it requires a holistic solution of game design changes, automated systems, and player reporting to help alleviate and stop. Our team continually invests significant resources internally to combat cheaters and our announcement today is another step towards providing a cheat free experience. Today we are releasing PUBG Shield, a community anti-cheat initiative that gives players the ability to submit reports via the PUBG Discord, into open beta.

PUBG Shield is a system that will allow players from NA and EMEA regions to submit reports of players who break our rules of conduct. Players will review submitted reports by others and vote to determine the validity of the submitted evidence. We will then review the reports that have been voted on by a majority of players and give our final call.

Throughout our time interacting with the community, we’ve received kind and heartfelt requests from players who want to do their part to improve the game experience. This is why we have created the PUBG Shield. During our closed beta test, we worked closely with a select group of players who volunteered to help us build and test the app. During the closed beta we’ve issued over 3000 bans with near perfect accuracy! With the open beta, we’re looking to grow that number with our community, working hand-in-hand to stop cheating.

Will this be a replacement for in-game reporting?

No, in-game reporting will always be the most efficient means to report players. These systems train our machine learning algorithms and are critical to ensuring efficient automated banning.  However, even with the best automated systems some cheaters still slip through the cracks. PUBG Shield was created to help us identify these cases with your help.

What types of cheaters can be reported?

Some types of cheating are very easy to identify, and others are more difficult. As we take bans extremely seriously there will be strict evidence requirements that all players must follow when submitting reports. We may relax this over time, but we plan to keep the requirement high initially to ensure high quality reporting and fairness. You can report players for:

  • Cheating
    • Usage of unauthorized programs & hardware devices that promotes unfair gameplay
  • Teaming
    • Cooperation of players not on the same team in order to cheat or deceive other players
  • Discrimination
    • Disrespectful or use of offensive actions towards others based on their race, gender, nationality, etc.
  • Exploiting bugs
    • Users exploiting game errors and bugs for their own advantage
  • Inappropriate nicknames
    • Offensive nicknames or those that may provoke negative imagery
  • Teamkilling
    • Intentional / malicious teamkilling
  • Stream sniping/stalking
    • Using external information to follow or locate a streamer without any prior in-game knowledge
  • Verbal harassment
    • Use of profanity/offensive slang/toxic behavior
  • Statistics Manipulation
    • Intentionally exploiting game mechanics to manipulate in-game statistics

What’s required in a report?

  • Infraction Type
  • In-game nickname
  • Platform
  • Link to evidence of infraction as well as a PUBG Lookup link to the match in question where required
  • Brief explanation of infraction / additional notes

How do I join?

Visit our official Discord server and head to #pubg-shield for all the information regarding gaining access to the tool.

Is this the final version PUBG Shield?

PUBG Shield is currently in open beta and we will continue to update and improve the app over time to make it more effective and easier to use. We welcome your feedback, so please share your thoughts and suggestions about the app in our #pubg-shield-feedback channel on our official Discord server.