End of Season 8 Ranked and Rewards Announcement

With Season 8 drawing to a close, it’s time to unveil all the great and exclusive Ranked rewards you’ve been working for. We’ll also go over the schedules for Season 8 close and the start of Season 9, along with a new mode to look forward to next season.

Let’s get into it!

Season 8 Ranked Rewards Video

Requirements for Earning Rewards

PUBG’s various Ranked rewards are earned depending on your final rank when the season ends. To be eligible, you’ll need to have at least completed your placement matches during the season, with additional awards being granted at Gold V and Diamond V tiers.

Season 8 Ranked Mode Rewards 

Those who have reached Gold V tier or higher are eligible for the first exclusive reward, the Season 8 Ranked UAZ skin! If you manage to fight your way up to Diamond V tier or above, you’ll also be rewarded with the Season 8 Ranked Parachute skin. Finally, players who rank in the top 500 in their region will also receive a special Top 500 emblem to show off their achievement.

You can check out your final Season 8 rank by visiting the STATS screen in your CAREER tab once Season 9 has begun. Visiting the LEADERBOARD section of this screen also shows you were among the top 500 if you managed to make it that high

Season 8 Emblems

  • You’ll earn an emblem that matches your end of season rank
  • The Top 500 players in each region will also earn a special TOP 500 emblem to commemorate their outstanding achievement

Season 8 Skins

  • Players who end the season in at least Gold V Tier will earn an exclusive Season 8 Vehicle Skin for the UAZ
  • Players who end the season in at least Diamond V Tier will receive both the Vehicle Skin and an exclusive Season 8 Parachute Skin

Upcoming Ranked Schedules

  • Season 8 Ranked mode will end once servers go into maintenance on October 21st (KST) for PC players and October 29 for Console players
  • Season 9 Ranked mode will begin when servers go live with the 9.1 update

How will my Rewards be Delivered?

All rewards are granted automatically at the beginning of each new season. You may collect them from the pop-up screen you’ll see upon your first log-in of the new season.

Looking Forward

Ranked Season 9 will start soon and features Ranked Solos for the first time, thanks to your feedback! That’s right, starting with Season 9, you’ll finally be able to test your skills in the traditional Battle Royale format, standing alone against an entire Battleground of enemies! We’re excited to debut this new ranked mode but for now, there’s still time to earn the Season 8 rewards before it ends. Drop in and Rank up today!

– The PUBG Dev Team