PUBG Corp. adjusted M416 firing sounds

In the previous 8.2 update PUBG Corporation redesigned the appearance and sound of three weapons in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - M416, SKS and Kar98k. The developers received a lot of negative feedback for the new sounds. PUBG Corp. took into account these reviews and reworked the sounds of M416 shooting in 8.3 update once more.

M416 Sound Adjustment

Sound is a crucial factor in PUBG’s gameplay, realism, and fun and the PUBG Sound team has been looking for places to increase this quality further. One place we’ve targeted is improving weapon sounds to try and bring them as close to realistic as possible. To this end, the sound team recently updated the weapon sounds of the M416. However, we’ve received a large amount of feedback that these new sounds are not up to the standards and goes against the familiar gameplay experience you expect.

With the above in mind, we’ve made additional improvements on the M416 sounds. We hope these new changes are more to your liking, and will be monitoring your feedback. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most realistic gameplay sounds for you, so you can rely on the best gameplay experience and fully immerse yourself in the Battlegrounds.

Earlier, PUBG Corporation released a video, which briefly listed and described the main changes of 8.3 update.