SeT_i7 banned by PUBG Corp.

Former Team UNITY squad member Россия, Russia, RU Anatoly "SeT_i7" Khlevnoy has been officially banned from all PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tournaments for an indefinite period. It was announced by the organizers of PUBG Continental Series.

However Russian is not sure about the reason for this ban and has been waiting for the answer of PUBG Corp for a while. He replied to this claim in his social media group. He has been very expressive in his message and we had to improve the bad words he used.

 I'm in the pissed off to be honest, thanks to the pubg chassis for its excellent work, tried to reach them for 2 weeks and got a nothing in return, all I was told was that I used something in the live client, but I played this game every day and every time I ran it was streaming, I played 2/3 of the time in solo against bots, it's just maximum facelift, you just physically can't prove your innocence when you DO NOT know what you did. ... they don't say anything, they don't even give you a chance to justify yourself somehow, they just fuck off.

You are not counted for anything, no matter where you play, no matter how long you shine in the community, just sent 3 letters, even their direct partners they were responsible for more than a week and said nothing except that yes, he used something...

My hands are sinking, but I'll continue to chisel in their support and try to provide everything I had on the compiler, maybe if they don't want to give me the reasons for the ban (that triggered their system) they'll see a walk on the list and make sure it's not a cheat or anything like that

I will continue to play this game because no matter what the hell it is, no matter what garbage publisher ruins it, I still like to spend time in it and even more so to cut it off.