Besto talks about the first Pro Sessions

The participant of the Natus Vincere team Andrey "Besto" Ionov summed up the first game week of the tournament PUBG Pro Sessions, and also estimated the performance of his team in the first week of PUBG Continental Series 2.

Hi! The first week of Pro Sessions is behind us. How do you like the tournament? Can you highlight the pros and cons of the format?

Hello! The format of the tournament is quite unusual in comparison to the tournaments that have been held over the past six months: just four games a day + a fun map. I think that four games and one session for eight games for PUBG is quite random.

You got high placement in the first session of PUBG Pro. Which of the two days was more successful for you?

From the points perspective, it was the 2nd day but the first day was more productive in terms of the number of mistakes and fixing those mistakes.

Tell the fans more about VIP-rounds with the streamer lv DanucD. The teams' goal is to carry her and save her to the end of the game. How fun was it?

This is a test format, the organizers tried to come up with something new. It didn't seem fun to me. But the organizers tried to add something interesting and for that, I give them my respect.

The competition is held during breaks between PCS 2 games. How do you see this tournament: do you approach it seriously or play it more relaxed, and consider it as an additional practice before the PCS final?

The main goal, of course, is to win PCS 2, and the fact that Pro Sessions takes place right before the PCS game day gives a certain boost for the takeoff. We are not playing it relaxed, because Pro Sessions is also a tournament.

Is there anything that you would add to this tournament? Maybe more fun rounds or another map?

Definitely yes, I would make the finals for 16 rounds. This would negate the random part of the game as much as possible.

Do we need more tournaments of this format to fuel the interest of viewers to PUBG during the coronavirus pandemic? Are you personally interested in participating in it?

Absolutely! When various organizers hold tournaments, it fuels the interest for the game. I think there should be much more of such tournaments, and not only for the tier-1 stage.

Back to the PCS 2 Final: Tell us in a few words how do you evaluate your starting performance in the tournament? What is the overall team spirit?

The start on Erangel was good, but our Miramar is terrible. We will be working and fixing problems. On Erangel, there is also something to aim for. The mood is great, ua Orange perfectly blended in. We will do our best to win!

Any words to the fans?

Many thanks to the old fans, who in spite of everything, still cheer for us and support us. And a hearty welcome to all the new fans who are still turning up! Cheer for ru NAVI <3