Training Day: Ludvik "Aitzy" Jahnsen

Talking from his home in Tønsberg, Norway, the FaZe Clan player walks us through his daily routine, discusses the upcoming PCS1 Europe Grand Finals – and sheds a little light on their rivalry with Team Liquid.

My day starts… any time between 10-12. I get up and have my breakfast, and then get myself down to the gym for a good work out. 

The gym for me… is a vital part of my routine, I meet up with some friends and go six days a week – so I take it pretty seriously. It wakes me up, fills me with energy and puts me in the perfect mood to get on with my day. 

At lunch times… I am a healthy eater, so no junk food or anything like that. I’m a pretty basic cook so I’ll normally have simple things like eggs or tuna. 

I play PUBG… in my bedroom. It’s a fairly big room with lots of natural light which works for me as I don’t like playing in the dark. I’ve got my PC of course, with two monitors and a mixer for my microphone. I’ve also got a special gaming chair, it’s a really old one and I am sure there are better products out there but I like it. 

I’m lucky that my parents give me a lot of space when I am playing PUBG and are happy to move dinner around my schedule. My family are actually all really supportive, my parents and older brothers all follow the team closely.

If you want to take your PUBG to the next level… pick up a pen and paper and start taking notes on your performance. Track things, what’s going well and what isn’t, and then read the list before you start playing. That way you get a clear idea of what you need to be working on. 

I’d also recommend you speak to others about your performances. Like anything in life, a different perspective helps us see things in a different light. Your friends and teammates might have spotted something that you haven’t.

The toughest thing about being a PUBG player… is maintaining the confidence to play at the highest level. I know a lot of players say that, and that is because it is true. You need to go into every match with the same winning mentality and belief. Before every battle, you’ve got to tell yourself “I am better than this guy, I will win this fight.”

Most evenings I will… play ranked for about four or five hours. I won’t play any more than that because I find I start to lose focus and then there is no point. 

Everybody needs to be able to switch off… and after big matches I go to a forest which is a couple of minutes’ walk from my house. It’s great down there, it is quiet, peaceful and has some amazing views of the city. I like to chill out and listen to the birds chirping around, it really helps me relax after an intense evening on the battlegrounds.  

I prefer playing LAN… rather than online tournaments. Of course it can’t be helped due to the Covid-19 situation, but I really miss the buzz and atmosphere of the stadiums. They are really special occasions, and it’s great to catch up with both fans and players. We’ve got a few good rivalries going on at the moment. Let’s be honest, every time we come up against Team Liquid it turns into a bit of a war! I’ve played against those guys for a long time now and it’s always fun. 

The PCS1 Europe Grand Finals finish this weekend and we are feeling confident. We know we have a strong roster who are good enough to compete. We’ve been in a bit of a slump recently, which is why we are looking forward to getting out there and playing some of our best PUBG.