Quality InVESTment

Body armor vests are a “must loot” item, but how much looter confidence do they inspire? Currently, once a vest’s protection level is depleted it disappears and so does its storage capacity. The last thing any player wants to feel in the middle of a firefight is that chilling breeze on their back when they realize that vest has bit the dust. Not to mention they’re gonna have to make some hard choices with less inventory storage, ouch.

Well Survivors, it’s 2020 and we have decided it is time to give our players more ROI (return on investment) or perhaps ROL (return on looting), for body armor in Update 7.2. To start, body armor will no longer disappear, instead, when depleted of their level value, vests will continue to provide 20% protection and a slight flinch reduction. This is a light level of protection, but it’s enough to buy a combatant time and stability to respond or retreat from an attack. Since the vests will no longer disappear, that vital storage will also stay intact. No more scrambling to rearrange your inventory items; that storage capacity is yours until you’re eating your Chicken Dinner. This base level of protection and sustained storage is applied to ALL levels of body armor.

These small competitive edges could have a big impact on player confidence, so we could see an uptick in combatant aggression. Next time you find yourself on the battleground looting for your life and you spot a vest, LOOT IT!