Console Dev Performance

Hello Survivors,

As a follow up to our Console Dev Focus 2020 letter, we wanted to provide an update on console performance and our short-term goals in this area.

As we mentioned in the focus letter, finding balance between game stability, higher frame rates, and graphical quality is something we are constantly working on. However, we know that our players on newer generation consoles, specifically the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, have been wanting the current frame cap to be lifted so that these consoles can achieve higher frame rates when playing PUBG.  

While we are actively looking into the feasibility of lifting the frame cap, there are a few challenges with this. If we removed the frame cap right now, this will result in a wider fluctuation in frame rates. An example is when you experience frame drops while you are in more intense battles or situations where there’s a lot going on at once. Therefore, we will be reinforcing our entire production pipeline in order to achieve steadier frame rates before we unlock the frame cap. 

In addition to reinforcing our production pipeline, the console dev team is looking to implement Performance Mode in Summer 2020. This mode would be a true performance mode for those who want as many frames as possible, and would lower some graphics quality settings,  including screen resolution. We know this has been a feature that has been requested by our community for a long time, so we want to make sure we hit the perfect balance between increased frame rates and visual quality. We’re looking to test this feature through selective audiences (such as focus tests, PUBG Partners tests, etc.) before releasing on live servers, so stay tuned for further updates. 

Please let us know what other updates you’d like to see from the console dev team, we’re always listening and want to maintain open communication with our players as much as possible. Thanks for your support and we’ll see you in the dev letter!


Joon H. Choi, Console Lead Project Manager