Sambty quits esports

Famous Finnish rifler Samu "Sambty" Kauppinen has announced the end of his career as a professional player in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Sambty explained that he no longer enjoyed participating in competitions and decided to focus more on streams.

I am leaving competitive PUBG today. After PGC I haven't been enjoying playing as a pro as much as I used to, even though we have been doing really good with my new team WTSG. Together we won GLL and qualified to PGS Berlin and I would like to wish all the best for my teammates vard, MiracU and Iroh - we achieved so much in so little time.

Being a pro in a battle royale game is so stressful and I have been enjoying streaming much more to the point to when we have been practicing, I would rather be streaming. But from now on, I am going to have more time for streaming and other stuff and going forward I will be trying to learn more Chinese, I have already learned a good amount but I hope that in the future, I can communicate and interact with fans even better. I won't be leaving PUBG, just stepping down as a competitive player. Looking to share more soon.

Since January this year Sambty has been playing for WTSG and took first place in the fourth season of GLL, also was among the top three strongest in the European final of PGS: Berlin. It is not yet known who will take the vacant place in WTSG.

Sambty started playing on pro-stage of PUBG in autumn 2017. In his career he represented such famous organizations as Tempo Storm and Team Liquid. In his entire career at PUBG, he won almost a quarter of a million dollars in prizes. His twin brother, Jere "Jembty." Kauppinen - currently represents Team SoloMid.