[Console] Play with PUBG - Join for games and giveaways

Calling All Survivors,
We’re excited to bring you Play with PUBG for Console this Friday, April 10! We’ll be bringing you an action filled stream while introducing you to some of the team members that make the game. Check out the details below and drop in Friday!
  • PUBG devs, play custom matches with the community
  • We’ll be streaming at twitch.tv/playwithpubg
  • Looking for the good loot?
    • Fans who drop in will have the chance to win a 5-level up coupon that can be redeemed towards the Survivor Pass!
  • Friday, April 10
    • PDT: 1:00PM
    • EDT: 4:00PM
    • CEST: 10:00PM
Hope to see you there!