Bestoloch: «We approached the tournament in the best shape»

Andrei "Bestoloch" Ionov, a member of the Natus Vincere team, shared in an interview with the team's plans for the period of forced quarantine, recalled the emotions of winning the qualification at PGS: Berlin, and talked about working with the coach.

You qualified to the PGS: Berlin, but the dates are unknown due to the pandemic. What is the team doing in the meantime? Do you continue to train or do you have some free time?

We are operating right now in light mode. GLL, pubs, when we can schedule scrims - we play them. So, pretty much a light mode :)

Will you take part in some other online tournaments or focus on PGS?

We will, but I can't specify in which ones yet, you will find out in the announcements. There is no use in skipping online tournaments right now since all the top teams will play in them.

Let's recall past qualifications. Your performance impressed all fans of the PUBG scene. Have your opponents not prepared well, or have you outplayed them tactically, what is the secret to success?

The secret to success is a healthy diet and water. But honestly, we got beaten up on GLL, so we decided to back up on PGS, LUL.

Okay, in all seriousness, we used our time at the bootcamp properly, everyone came to the tournament in the best shape. Arsenii had great call outs, the rest simply believed in each other and were not afraid to make mistakes.

Was there any support from the viewers? Did you get a lot of messages in Direct?

Personally, I wasn't getting much of messages compared to the newcomers to the team. But that's understandable. This is probably even better: I saw how ruKemba7 and ruTheTab were charged from this support, and that's cool!

What was your first thought when you realized ru NAVI is in the first line? Did the team expect such a result before the start of the qualifiers?

I was just stunned!

Which of the game moments do you remember the most?

You could say that this was the top moment of the tournament: when ru TheTab was last man standing against fiRAHINA and two of the eu Omaken Sports and clutched it out.

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What kind of work did the coach do during the qualification? Can you describe how your day goes under his supervision?

The main thing that I want to highlight in the work of our coach is the guidance before game day. Personally, the things he said, incredibly motivated me. The monologue sets us up for the whole day so that even after a bad game there was no doubt that we could play better.

Which of the already known PGS: Berlin participants is the most dangerous for you?

Everyone is dangerous, but Koreans ... I don't want to say that we're afraid of them or anything like that, but they have an understanding of the game on a completely different level.

Are there any weapons in the game that require balancing?

I think it's okay right now.

What can you say about the map Karakin? Is it suitable for official matches? Or is it only suitable for show matches?

For show matches only.

What are you personally doing during the global quarantine? Maybe you can recommend some games or films that will help brighten up this time?

I work out, luckily I have gym equipment at home for that.

I can’t recommend any games, I only play PUBG. Everybody is hooked on a new CoD, but it's definitely a game for a month.

I can name what I watched recently and that was enjoyable for me: “Knives Out”, “Richard Jewell”, “Ad Astra”.

A few words to the fans?

Dear fans, cheer for the NAVI, cheer for the people you like, cheer for the ones you like. Less hating on any teams.

And most importantly! If you do a flip flop — do it quietly, without publicity.