OpTic leave the Battlegrounds

Following the decision of another North American powerhouse Evil Geniuses OpTic Gaming has decided to quit the battlegrounds as well. The roster was formed half a year ago when Valliate joined the team.

Here is the official farewell statement of the management.


It has been a bit over a year since OpTic entered PUBG esports by signing the Why Tempt Fate roster last November. In hopes of maintaining a clear narrative, we wanted to share some insight and news today regarding our plan for PUBG moving forward.

With the recent news of the National PUBG League (NPL) kicking off in the coming months it has required us to really focus in on the title and where we see it moving in the future, causing us to question our belief not only in the game as a competitive esport but also the formatting and structure of the league itself. Because of these two reasons alone, following the GLL Finals December 6th-8th, we will no longer be fielding a PUBG team.

We want to stress that this decision is strictly one about the game itself and not a reflection of the team as a whole or the individuals who make up the roster. From the very early days of signing this team it has been an absolute pleasure to work both with and for Mike and Ian, and over the course of adding John and Keane they have rounded out what we feel to be a great team. These are great competitors and more importantly great people, we were fortunate to have them represent OpTic.

Timing wise, we wanted to let the team move forward with competing in the NPL and not have their affiliation with OpTic stand in their way of finding a team or sponsor to help them achieve their goals. This is why we are going about the release as we are.

For you the fans, we will be sending a videographer with the team to Sweden next weekend to capture what we believe will be a great ending to the team’s time with us and should provide a full circle reflection on what it meant and does mean to represent OpTic over the last year. We are looking forward to seeing this piece in an upcoming episode of Vision. There might even be a surprise or two for you.

As for us, we will continue to keep an eye on the PUBG space and constantly be evaluating the game and league as it develops. Should our opinion and beliefs change, we very well could see OpTic once again fighting it out in Pochinki in the future.

Let us know below what sort of questions you have and hopefully we can answer those to the best of our ability. Keep in mind that we must respect the privacy of the NPL and the team, and there will most likely be many questions we cannot answer at this point.


Jacob and Kodiak