Europe: East results and the participant-list of the LAN qualifier of PUBG Europe League

The winners of qualifiers within Europe: East have been already defined and now we know the final list of participants, who will attend the crucial stage of qualifiers for PUBG Europe League.

Western Europe

  • Финляндия, Finland, FI HAVU Gaming
  • Еврозона, Europe, EU CHARGE
  • Чехия, Czech Republic, CZ eSuba
  • Еврозона, Europe, EU Sans domicile fixe
  • Дания, Denmark, DK Odense Esport
  • Еврозона, Europe, EU Loot Goblins
  • Еврозона, Europe, EU Zoekt een Naam

Eastern Europe

  • Россия, Russia, RU Se7en eSports
  • Россия, Russia, RU Team Poseidon
  • Россия, Russia, RU Kit-Kat
  • Россия, Russia, RU Never give up
  • Россия, Russia, RU ToxicPlayers

Middle East & Africa

  • Турция, Turkey, TR Crew Esport
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Griffins
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Team Ready
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Team Chargers

Invited teams

  • Еврозона, Europe, EU Team Reciprocity
  • Еврозона, Europe, EU Team SoloMid
  • Россия, Russia, RU M19
  • Россия, Russia, RU AVANGAR
  • Еврозона, Europe, EU Alliance
  • Еврозона, Europe, EU Method
  • Германия, Germany, DE PENTA Sports
  • Еврозона, Europe, EU MOONWOLF
  • Финляндия, Finland, FI o1ne
  • Россия, Russia, RU Quantum Bellator Fire
  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Besiktas Esports
  • Еврозона, Europe, EU G2 Esports
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Galatasaray
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Oyun Hizmetleri eSports Club

All the aforementioned teams along with directly invited ones will fight for 10 slots in PUBG Europe League and 6 slots in Contenders League.

Let us remind you that the LAN-qualifier will be held in Kiev CyberSport Arena from December 10th to 16th. Follow the news on our website. More detailed information on the league may be found here.