ViCi Gaming recieved 3-Months suspension for All Future Official/Unofficial PUBG events

Chinese esports giant Vici Gaming has received a penalty resulting in suspension from official competetive tournament due to one of the players being under 18. These rules have been implemented recently due to the Gemany laws and have resulted in several teams changing their roster, for example Natus Vincere at first had to perform with a substitute for PGI and changed their roster after the tournament.

The Chinese organization decided to violate these rules and applied for a tournament with the 17 year old player. Here's the official statement from the team explaining the situation.

First off, VG would like to apologize to all of the VG PUBG fans.

VG.Linshu is ~2 months shy of turning 18 years old, therefore he cannot compete in PCPI Season 2 PUBG competition, but documents for participation were submitted regardless. For this action, VG.PUBG has been suspended for 3 months. We are well aware of the negative impact from this action and accept the official sanctions against our club.

During the three months after the suspension, we will be strict with ourselves and strengthen our management, while maintaining the training with the highest optimism. After these 3 months, we hope to present a new and mature face of VG.PUBG.

anyone affected by this, especially our fans, please accept our sincerest apologies! Thank you!


  • Linshu born Dec 21, 2000. It is not possible to wait , unless they will miss PCPI

  • PUBG Corp. enforcing all future competitive pubg events , player must be over the age of 18

  • Many team fixing this issue by loaning 5th additional player from other teams, especially for this tournament

  • PCPI is the China Championship , 2 Million RMB ($288K) and the biggest China PUBG event of the year. 4 teams will continue onto the Asia Invitational. The second official event after PGI Berlin

 Dura lex sed lex, especially considering that the game esports scene is still developing.