Community Weekly Post - September Week 4

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another community weekly post. As we wrap up the month of September, we wanted to provide some insight into what you can expect next month.

Also, be sure to catch up on last week’s community post as we provided updates to many issues that our players have been facing.

October Updates

For October, there are currently two patches planned along with a hotfix coming next week on October 1.

The hotfix next week will fix an issue with achievements not tracking or unlocking properly:

  • Fixed an issue with achievements where in some instances, the User ID sent to the server was not sent back to the profile.

October’s content update will drop in early in the month and includes new content plus some quality of life additions, including:

  • Quick marker system
  • Adding a new option in report menu to report players for teaming
  • Increased maximum sensitivity
  • Beryl, MK47, Scooter and Tukshai, Laser Sight
  • Reward Systems – rewards that can be earned through different ways, details coming soon!

Of course, more details and exact dates will be provided as we get closer to the patch day.

For the second October update, we are still finalizing content and will provide more details as the month goes on.

Training Mode

Training Mode was originally planned for the October update, but due to stability issues, we will be delaying this feature to November.

Event Mode

We have fixed the stability issues with group queueing in Event Mode, and you can now play with your friends in the current event, which is now live! Details here.

We encourage everyone to drop into the event this weekend and let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

We are also planning to add a level-streaming save feature in War Mode, so that loading will be saved and buildings won’t need to render with each respawn.

Event Pass

  • Event Pass: Sanhok ends on October 4, and we wanted to make our players aware of a couple things:
  • Event Pass: Sanhok ends on October 4 at 00:00AM UTC. It will no longer be sold starting from October 2 02:00AM UTC.
  • There will be a grace period after the Event Pass ends from October 4 00:00AM UTC – October 11 00:00AM UTC. This grace period will allow players to collect rewards that they have earned. After this grace period has passed, rewards earned from the Event Pass can no longer be redeemed.
  • Missions will be active and can be completed during this time. However, XP will not be earned from survival time.

Event Pass: Sanhok – Bonus XP Event

This weekend, September 29 and 30, we will be giving out a bonus of 400 XP to players who login each day.

On September 29 & 30 from 00:00-23:59 UTC, there will be a login event banner to collect the 400 XP. A total of 800 XP can be received this weekend, so be sure to jump into the game!

Lost Connection to Host

We thank everyone for your reports on this issue thus far, and would like to request more detailed information from players who are still experiencing this error. If you are experiencing this error, please reply to this thread to submit a report.

As always, we appreciate everyone’s feedback, and please continue to let us know what kind of updates you’d like from the dev team!

PUBG Xbox Team