FACEIT launched its PUBG competitive system

PUBG’s inclusion in FACEIT’s platform will provide players and organizers the chance to create competitions, tournaments, and leagues that feature customization options to suit all needs.

A number of partners have already signed up to host competitions on the service, according to FACEIT, including SK Gaming and Team Liquid, two of the PUBG scene’s most prolific organizations.

The beta for the system went live mid-August and attracted over 200,000 signups at the time. Interestingly, FACEIT also found that 50 percent of players who play CS:GO also play PUBG.

“The FACEIT integration offers our community a uniquely competitive framework to play PUBG at a level they haven’t experienced before,” Hyowon Yoo, Head of Business Development and Operations for NA/EU at PUBG Corporation, said in the announcement. “The closed beta proved the value of our partnership, and we can’t wait to watch the competitive scene develop further.” 

The announcement follows PUBG Corp’s five-year plan for PUBG esports, which includes regional pro leagues and revenue sharing for four major regions. The plan is to start in 2019 with four major regional leagues in NA, EU, Korea, and Asia.

If the plan proves a success, PUBG Corp could open up more professional leagues in other continents and countries in the future.

FACEIT’s system could prove vital to creating a platform for grassroots PUBG. FACEIT is providing a structured progression system for competitive PUBG on its website to give players the chance to learn on their path to becoming a pro.