Riot Korea’s Head of Esports joins PUBG Corp as CMO

Although the player base for the overwhelmingly popular battle royale game has dwindled, its esports scene is yet to show signs of slowing down.

In the past year, since the inception of competitive PUBG, the scene has grown from a small gathering of like-minded individuals to a full-fledged esports competitor. Following several large-scale tournaments, all featuring prize pools in hundreds of thousands, Bluehole announced the PUBG Global Invitational — a $2 million dollar Battlegrounds championship.

Following the success of PGI 2018, the developer announced a five-year plan for the future growth of the esports scene. The plan includes developer supported regional leagues, revenue share for the teams, and World Championships, among other things.

In line with the announcement, Korea based PUBG Corp. confirmed the signing of Quan Zhengxian as Chief Marketing Officer, where he will oversee all the marketing and esports related business for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Prior to this, Quan Zhengxian worked at the Korean branches of global game studios, including Riot Games, Blizzard, EA, as well as others.

For the past seven years, he was responsible for all things esports at Riot Games Korea, where he worked on the League of Legends World Championship 2014, Korea Regional Finals, as well as many other leagues and tournaments. Zhengxian brings years of experience in building the esports scene, running leagues, and organizing large tournaments.

Bluehole established their confidence in Quan Zhengxian and are hopeful that his expertise will help propel PUBG into a full-fledged esport. This is expected to be the first out of several executive-level signings in preparation for the 2019 season at PUBG Corp.