Xbox: Community Weekly Post - September Week 1

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to this week’s community post, and cheers to wrapping up our first week of 1.0! We hope that everyone has been enjoying all of the new 1.0 content that was added this week.

While we have loved seeing our players hot dropping into Sanhok and coming out with chicken dinners, there are a few major issues in 1.0 that we need to address. Those topics include achievements, Xbox One X performance, and more. Let’s dive right in!


There is currently an ongoing issue with achievements not being unlocked upon completing the requirements.

Shortly after the 1.0 launch, there was an error that caused many achievement unlocks to be delayed. In addition, we were able to retroactively unlock some achievements for our players that had completed them in Game Preview. This created an enormous queue in the backlog of achievements to be unlocked, causing more delays.

We are also investigating issues with other achievements not popping at all upon completion. We appreciate everyone’s patience in this matter and apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will provide an update on this issue when we have more details to share.

Xbox One X Performance

Many of our players who play on the Xbox One X are seeing a multitude of performance issues while they are playing the game.

One of the biggest issues that we are currently investigating are framerate drops while playing. Specifically, many players are experiencing major framerate drops during gunfights or during ADS.

The reason for this issue is that Xbox One X uses higher resolution textures and requires more graphics options to output better overall visual quality. This could be causing lowered framerates, especially during resource heavy situations like gun fights.

We’re currently looking into different ways to fix these issues to stabilize framerates in these situations. We apologize for any frustration caused and hope to have more details to share soon.

Survivor and Wanderer Crates

We have investigated reports of Survivor and Wanderer Crates disappearing from the inventory. The Item IDs of these crates were changed with the 1.0 launch, which caused this issue to occur for players who purchased these crates pre-1.0.

We will be deploying a fix for this sometime next week. Please note that players who are experiencing this issue will see two “types” of Survivor and Wanderer Crates in the game, one of which are the pre-1.0 crates and the other post-1.0 crates. They are the same crates but with different Item IDs.

Lost Connection to Host

We’ve seen many reports from our players saying that they are receiving an error message “Lost Connection to Host” when trying to get into a match.

This error is happening due to sessions not updating during matchmaking after multiple sessions were initiated then canceled. For example, if a player solo queued, canceled, duo queued, then joined the game after the match was created, the error would occur.

We are currently testing out a fix to roll out and hope to have an update for this soon.

Event Pass: Sanhok 

We hope that everyone has been enjoying the Event Pass that launched with 1.0 to celebrate the new map, Sanhok! If you haven’t visited our neat microsite yet, be sure to check it out here.

While many players have been leveling up, completing missions, and making their way through the Event Pass, there have been some confusion and questions that we wanted to help clear up.

Below is a little FAQ that we put together after seeing your feedback and questions:

Q: Why is there a max daily XP limit?
A: The daily XP limit only applies to survival time during games. It is calculated as 1xp per 2.5 minutes. This is doubled for Premium Pass users. Everyone can participate in completing missions for the Event Pass, except the Sanhok missions which are unlocked for Premium Pass users. These missions will be the main drive in gaining EXP and leveling up. The survival EXP that is given is just an added bonus on top of the EXP gained from completing missions.

Q: Do you need to buy the Event Pass in order to play the new map, Sanhok?
A: No, you will never need to purchase anything in order to play a new map. Sanhok and all new maps in the future will be free to play as long as you have the game.

Q: How often will we have Event Passes? Every month?
A: Event Pass: Sanhok was created to celebrate the release of our third map, Sanhok. We don’t have many details to share at the moment about our future plans with Event Passes.

Q: Are there temporary rewards in the Event Pass?
A: There are no temporary rewards in the Event Pass except XP boost.

We want to thank everyone that played in 1.0 this week. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement, but we know that there are many things that we need to tackle and fix for our players. So please keep your feedback, bug reports, and suggestions coming! Like we’ve said in the past – 1.0 is just the beginning and we’re looking forward to continued development alongside our passionate community.

PUBG Xbox Team