Valliate: I think the map-pool of PUBG is fine right now

Another interview during the Starseries event, now it is OpTic Valliate answering the questions.

At the LAN-finals of the StarSeries i-League PUBG Season 2 we had a small talk with Keane «Valliate» Alonso from OpTic Gaming.

- What are your first impressions of this tournament, the venue, and the organization as a whole?

- The venue is amazing, the tournament can be cool, there is a qualifier for the Final, that’s pretty cool too, more teams have a chance. The stage is phenomenal, the set-ups are amazing. I’m excited. It’s really nice.

- How were you preparing for the StarSeries PUBG? Did you gather at the bootcamp, or just practiced online?

- We bootcamped, we live together actually, like pretty close to practice together. We put more time on practicing this time because there are Chinese teams and CIS teams, with whom we haven’t played with before, so we put time in watching VOD’s, where the teams drops and all this stuff.

- How do you estimate your chances at this tournament?

- I think we have really good chances. We played a lot of tournaments, we played really well, especially the way there are European teams and Chinese teams play very aggressively, so I think it’s a suitable style, I think we have a really good chance to win this tournament as well.

- In your opinion, should the map-pool in PUBG be extended?

- I think the map-pool in PUBG is fine right now because the maps are huge. it’s not like CS:GO, where we have six maps in map-pool because it is easy to learn corners, while in PUBG there are so much terrains, so many steeps and hills, which is very hard to learn in certain maps. So I think - two is pretty good. Even if we have a snow-map in the future, I think limiting to two maps will be good.

- What game mode do you like the most: FPP or TPP?

- I like FPP the most because especially that I come from Overwatch and Counter-Strike where there are FPP-tournaments, I enjoy the tactics in FPP.

- Which region is the strongest in PUBG right now and why?

- I would say, based on the recent tournaments, the Chinese teams did very well in PGI 2018, but I think European is probably the strongest. I think in the most recent tournaments, NA had really good placements, so I think we catched it up, but I would say so far in the tournaments that EU has definitely been performing well.

- What do you think is the most important thing PUBG players need to have? Is it a mentality or aim skill, or maybe something else?

- I think the most important thing in PUBG is game sense, knowledge of the game, knowing how to do certain things. I think the differences between top players and just great players is basically just the game sense and how they know the game.

- What do you think about the red zones in the game? Is it a must thing or we don’t need it at all?

- No red zones. I don’t like red zones at all. I don’t think they have really good place for competitive due it’s random nature.