ELITEPLAYER: Except team OMG, in the TOP-10 of PGI there are no any surprises

An interview taken by Starladder staff from one of the triumphant players of the M19 squad of the GLL season 2 lan finals.

- What was the most memorable thing at Global Loot League Season 2? Aside from victory, of course. Maybe there were some kind of organizational aspects or some gaming ones?

- I've remembered the heat at the venue in the first two days. And speaking about the game moments - this is when you see in the killfid that Mossy killed the Knights' player on the last map and recognize that we've won the tournament.

- What have you personally learned from this tournament?

- Once again I am convinced that you always have to play till the very end, no matter what. From any game situation, you have to just do your best and go to victory.

- Let's go back a few weeks ago. The game of what team at PGI 2018 has surprised you the most? 

- Obviously in FPP-mode it's team OMG, TPP I didn't watch. No one expected to see the Asian team on the first line of the FPP-mode. Except team OMG, in the TOP-10 of PGI there are no any surprises.

- What does your worldwide top-5 in PUBG look like?

- M19, FaZe Clan, Liquid, WTSG, NaVi :)

- How are you going to prepare for StarSeries PUBG? Will you gather at the bootcamp, or you will practice online?

- No bootcamp, only online. We're going to play some pracs with teams participating in the tournament.

- What teams at StarSeries i-League PUBG do you keep a close eye on? Who can surprise us?

- If in Asia there is not yet prepared another space base like team's OMG, with the same complex players, I think there will be no surprises.

- How do you like the tournament system of the upcoming Kiev event in two tours? And what is your perfect tournament format in PUBG?

- Good idea, which will give teams an opportunity to prove that they deserve to be in the main stage of the tournament. Speaking about  perfect tournament format in PUBG, considering the current settings of circles and zones tournament should includes 16 teams. Which teams will be participate and how tournament will be held - it's up to the TO.