Gaxy: TPP shouldn't be part of the competitive scene

We've made an interview with the player from Welcome to South Georgo - Laurynas "Gaxy" Rudys. He told us about team' goals at the PGI 2018, about event modes in PUBG and  shared his thoughts about PUBG at all.

- Are you satisfied with your results at the PGI 2018? Did you reach your initial goals there?

- Yes, overall we have to be satisfied. Of course we went into the FPP tournament looking to win it which we didn't manage to do, but strictly speaking we only really had one bad game throughout the tournament and placed third and that's not bad. But now we know what we have to better at and that there's still room for much improvement.

- What game mode do you like the most: FPP or TPP? Is the TPP-mode ready for the competitive scene?

- FPP 100%. TPP shouldn't be part of the competitive scene, it just isn't a good fit for competitive PUBG, how the maps are made etc.

- What conclusions did you make after PGI and on which aspects you should focus the most?

- We only ever focus on ourselves and basically we have to work together more as a unit and be more consistent when it comes to our comms, not putting us is a bad position by not playing and communicating as we should.

- Can you highlight the most important advantages and disadvantages of PUBG? Maybe there’s something you would like to fix or to add in the game? 

- PUBG is a very strategic FPS game that's very different from say CS:GO, map knowledge is for example as, it not more, important than raw aim and strictly speaking PUBG is easier to compare to Formula 1 or even golf than football, so it will take time before observers will learn how to present PUBG best. When it comes to fixes it would obviously be great if PUBG ran smoother but I would also love to see spectator mode being better, so it could capture the action better. Because right now there may be many highlight reel shots in a game, but you very seldom get to see them.

- Do you like event modes in PUBG? If so, which one is your favorite?

- The way I see it is that event modes can be good for warm-up, getting a lot of action quickly. But I did like it when then ran a competitive event mode, so people got to try how we play PUBG with the settings we use.

- At the StarSeries S2 will be 24 matches in the group stage, as well as 24 matches in the Playoffs. Is it enough to define the strongest team? What your thoughts about this format?

- It will be interesting with a group stage, it's never been done before so very hard to say how it will work with so many games over such a long period. But generally speaking, the more games you play, the more certain you can be of getting the strongest teams to also be on top - and that's a good thing.