PC 1.0 Update #20 released, game broken for AMD users

The game dev team continues the good pace of releasing the updates that ruin game experience for some players, a few hours ago the new PC 1.0 Update #20 has been successfully deployed to live servers. Despite the hotfix which has delayed the release the patch to public by 1 day the update has still brought some issues to the players - AMD users have been experiencing constant crashes, here is the solution.

Hi everyone,

Some players using specific models of AMD CPUs are experiencing a heavy increase in crashing this patch. Our team are actively investigating this issue.

Based on investigations so far, it was discovered that disabling SMT will fix these problems with crashing. 

Please read here for information on what SMT does

To disable SMT, download Ryzen Master, an official AMD CPU utility program and turn off "Simultaneous MultiThreading" on the current tab.

Click here to download Ryzen Master

Thank you for understanding, as we work towards a solution to this issue.