SK Telecom T1 Announces Their New PUBG Team

On the 13thof August (KST), SKT Telecom T1 have officially announced their new PUBG team after hosting an 'SKT T1 PUBG team audition' alongside with the team’s inauguration ceremony on the 12th.
SKT T1 which first announced their plans of making a PUBG team in April soon named Choi "cCarter" Byung-hoon as head coach and Choi Jeong-jin as coach; the team also started signing players as well.
The audition they hosted on the 12th was the final step for their PUBG team. In their grand opening which was held on the same date, their players: Park “Daze” Chan-hyuk (team leader), Kim “Raeng” Seong-jin, Kim “PLIKHE” Seong-jin, Jung “ADDER” Ji-hoon and the team’s coaching staff were introduced to the public.
It is told that the new SKT T1 PUBG team is aiming to participate in the “PUBG Pro Tour” which starts on September. “Since the players have been practicing starting from July, it is true that we don’t have enough time to participate for the Pro Tour. However, we will put in a lot of effort. Our 1st priority is to become a decent team that meets the standards of the esports powerhouse, SKT T1.” said Choi "cCarter" Byung-hoon. 
Meanwhile, in the SKT T1 PUBG team audition, Choi “jeftLocka” Seong-yeong and Yoon “NOLF” Sung-ho have been given the chance to perform in SKT. It is told that they can participate in a team tryout; if they pass, they can become a trainee or an official player for the team.