ibiza: In my opinion, the TPP-mode is not suitable for competitive PUBG

We caught up with Jord "ibiza" van Geldere from Team Liquid to learn his opinion of TPP-mode at competitve scene, about team's coach and asked to name his top of PUBG teams in the world.

- In the first day of the FPP-mode at PGI 2018 team OMG won three matches, but on the second day didn’t manage to show the same results. How do you think, was it a luck or skill? 

- I think it was all skill. You don't see many teams win 3/4 games in one day.

- Which moment of the PGI 2018 you’ve remembered the most? 

- The moment I remember most is when we won the final game of the FPP event and of course that we placed 2nd in both modes!

- Do we need TPP-mode on other tournaments? Or is this mode not much suitable for competitive PUBG?

- In my opinion, the TPP-mode is not suitable for competitive PUBG because it is a lot slower and there is a lot less momentum.

- Some of the teams have already hired coaches and analysts. Do you have such a person? If so, what is included in his duties?

- We already have a coach, Mista. His main focus is on the team dynamics and communication. He doesn't focus as much on the actual strategies or our mechanics.

- Maybe you know some insights about the future of PUBG and you can share them with us? What kinda future do you see for PUBG overall?

- I don't know much about the future of PUBG but I hope that the game and esports specifically has a bright future.

- What teams and by what criteria would you include to the top 5 of the world?

- I would rank the top 5 teams as follows:


2. Knights


4. Na'Vi

5. Tempo Storm

I ranked these teams according to their strength in fights, their rotations, their ability to play in the right spots, and of course the individual skill of each player. There are some insane fraggers on these teams.

Origin: starladder.com