DieZzz: I was surprised by a tough FPP game of team OMG

We’ve got a small interview with one of the participants of the second season of StarSeries i-League PUBG - Artyom «DieZzz» Lipatov from team AVANGAR.  

- What are the impressions of the TPP game at PGI 2018? How much time have you spent on practicing in this particular mode?

- The impressions of TPP are not that pleasant, as we have failed. We were doing in third person perspective the things we usually do in FPP, but in TPP you should play in absolutely different manner and the Korean team GOLD have shown us how we should have played.

- What team at PGI 2018 has surprised you with its game the most?  

- I was surprised by the get-tough FPP game of team OMG, they've just done their metha and won the tournament with the help of it.

- What is the FiftyFourth’s role in the team? What are his duties?

- FiftyFourth - a coach and analyst of the team.

- In your opinion, should the map-pool in PUBG  be extended? Or it is better to leave only Erangle and to hold all the tournaments on it?

-  A map-pool should be extended. I think we should play on Erangel and on Miramar as well, while Sanhok perhaps should be played only on the DUO-mode tournament.

- On what, in your opinion, should be focused attention at the tournaments: kills or placement? What is worthy of bigger number of points?

- Frankly speaking, previously there was a big emphasis on placement, but now I like all types of counts, held on the tournaments. There are a sufficient number of points, given for kills. But, essentially, there must be a bigger number of points for placement.

- You will kick off at StarSeries S2 straight from the Playoffs, as you entered the top-8 in the previous season. Are you satisfied with that fact, or it would be better to start from the groups, in order to warm-up?

- We are definitely satisfied with that fact, but if the rules were different and we had to play the groups - we would surely obey the rules.