M19, Vega and Na'Vi will stand for the CIS at StarSeries i-League PUBG

Three CIS-teams at a time will represent the region in the group stage of StarSeries i-League PUBG: M19, Vega Squadron and Natus Vincere. One more team from CIS has already received an invite to the final stage - AVANGAR, who secured the 6th place in the first season.


The lineup of M19 had never pleased their fans with any trophies within a year of their existence up to the finals of GLL Season 2, where they managed to perform a comeback, taking the champions cup. A year of hard work and a self-confidence let the guys succeed in Stockholm, but will their confidence accompany them on the stage of Kiev CyberSport Arena? We'll see it quite soon.

Vega Squadron

The “Sharks” have been known as serious rivals for a long time already. They are usual members of the group of leaders of the tournaments, but they haven't reached the top-1 heights so far, as in Minsk, where they have stopped a step aside from the ticket to PGI, taking the 3rd place. Perhaps the second season of StarSeries i-League PUBG will let the players break this curse and they will go up on the stage to raise the trophy.

Natus Vincere

Na'Vi don't need any kind of special introduction. A skillful game, sense of the map and outstanding shooting have guaranteed them the top-lines in world rankings a long time ago.  The champions of GLL Season 1, CIS Qualifier in Minsk and the fourth place at PGI in FPP. Is there anything that can stop them in Kiev?

Origin: starladder.com