Meet Your PGI 2018 FPP Tournament Winners

The PGI 2018 FPP Tournament has concluded, and OMG simply couldn’t be stopped. The Chinese team destroyed the competition on Day 1 of the FPP Tournament, and on Day 2 they secured the win with 3,425 points.
OMG will walk away with $400,000 in winnings. Second-place finishers Team Liquid will take home $160,000, and third-place team Welcome To South Georgo have earned $100,000. The rest of the FPP Tournament’s $1 Million prize pool will be divided up among the other teams according to their ranking.

1st — $400,000
2nd — $160,000
3rd — $100,000
4th — $60,000
5th–6th — $35,000
7th–8th — $20,000
9th–12th — $10,000
13–16 — $5,000
17–20 — $2,500
China’s OMG_lionkk absolutely dominated the FPP tournament, surviving longer than anyone else and racking up an insane 34 kills. For that, he took home an extra $20,000.

Thanks so much to the tens of millions of you who tuned in to watch. You made PGI 2018 successful beyond our wildest imagination. We can’t wait for the next competition, and we hope you’ll stay tuned.