Event Mode: PGI 2018

PGI 2018 is upon us. As the greatest PUBG players in the world clash in Berlin, we want to give players like you a chance to play with the same ruleset experienced by pro players.

Prepare for more weapon spawns, more vehicle spawns, and more aggressive blue zone behavior. If you can earn some dinners in this mode, you might be good enough to play with the best.
Full event details below!


STARTS: July 26, 7pm PST / July 27, 4am CEST / July 27 11am KST
ENDS: July 29, 7pm PST / July 30, 4am CEST / July 30 11am KST


4-man squads on Erangel
All regions: FPP only

  • This event mode uses the official esports ruleset from events like PGI 2018
  • Perspective is locked to FPP (like in many popular competitive events)
  • The blue zone moves more quickly than in games with normal settings.
  • Weapons spawns are a bit more generous. (AR, SR, DMR x1.5, SMG x1.2, Crossbow x0.1)
  • Red zones are disabled.
  • 20 cars with exclusive decals (and full gas tanks) are spawned in fixed locations across 20 landmark areas. (Please note, there's a known issue where the special car in North Georgopol is stuck on the guard rail.)

  • The mode is limited to four-man squads. Auto-matching is forced
  • The mode is limited to 80 maximum players (20 teams of four players)
  • Regular care package drops are enabled
  • Killer spectating is enabled
  • Weather is set to “Sunny Clear”