Wingman series runner-ups disqualified

The runner-ups of the past GLL Wingman Savage have been disqualified by the admins. Here's the official statement.

It has come to our attention that the player 100IQGUBJE have been breaking our Wingman Series rules during the European portion of Wingman Series 4 – Sanhok. He will be banned from all GLL hosted events for 2 years for having a steam account with an active PUBG ban while playing in a GLL hosted tournament.  

100IQGUBJE and his teammate managed to reach second place in the Wingman Series 4 – Sanhok EU/CIS Final. Due to this ruling him and his teammate will not be eligible for the prize money and a result of this, teams placed below them will move up one slot.

 Thats a pity that players are violating the rules, but they are made for everyone without an exceptions.