Devs grant bonus XP to the event pass

Hi everyone,
Last week, we released “Event Pass: Sanhok” alongside our new 4x4 map, Sanhok.
We’ve received a lot of great feedback about Sanhok and the Event Pass so far, but there have been some issues due to server instability, unclear mission wording, and missions which are not completing, despite players meeting the requirements.
Our team is currently working on these issues to make improvements, and we will continue to collect feedback from the community to make the Event Pass missions error-free, and as enjoyable as we possibly can.
To compensate for any potential XP losses that you may have faced due to the issues mentioned above, we will be running a XP login reward event as shown below.

Event Start
June 29, 2am PDT / June 29, 11am CEST / June 29, 6pm KST
Event End
July 2, 2am PDT / July 2, 11am CEST / July 2, 6pm KST
Event Participation Method
Log into the game during the event duration outlined above.
Event Reward
If you log into the game anytime during the event, you will be given a single bonus of 400XP towards your Event Pass progress.
Some extra things to keep in mind:
- The event reward will be shown as a pop-up once you log into the game.
- You will only be given the reward once, even if you log in multiple times.
- If you fail to receive a reward during the event, please contact our customer support for further help.
- Also reach out to customer support for any other issues with the Event Pass (such as problems receiving rewards).