PGI Skins Clarification

Hey everyone,

We've been receiving some questions about the PGI Exclusive Skins and wanted to clarify exactly how to get them.

How do I get the PGI Exclusive Skins?
  • 1 exclusive skin will be distributed each day to those who attend PGI. See the image above for a breakdown of when each skin is available.
  • You must have a ticket and must be in-person at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany on each of the PGI dates to receive all the skins.
  • Skins will be distributed via a gift code.
  • If you’ve purchased tickets, but do not attend in person, you are not eligible to receive the skin for that day.
Will the PGI Exclusive Skins be sold separately?
No, they are only for PGI attendees.

Will I be able to purchase the PGI skins on the Steam Market?
Yes, items will be available on the Steam Market about a month after they've been claimed.

If you are planning on attending PGI and still need tickets, you can purchase them here:

See you in Berlin!