Russian servers full launch

At last the long awaited (since the last autumn) event has finally occurred. PUBG Corp. & Mail.Ru have announced the launch of the servers for Russian community (CIS as well). As usual, if such companies unites there would be some fails. We should definitely them: first of all all the servers are located in the data centers in Moscow. As you know Russian is pretty vast and occupies parts of 2 continents - Europe & Asia and this decision is pretty odd. The Asian part of the country would preferably have to stick to the Asian community instead of playing with compatriots. The second is that during the launch there were no severs for FPP players - you couldn't party with your squad or one friend for a duo - that function has been disabled.

But shortly after the first announced the Russian community managers have published a statement that they've changed their mind and would activate the servers but for squads only.