AVANGAR & Na`Vi tied after day 3 Qualifier

After 3 quarters of the event in Minsk two best teams of the region tied in points. Undoubtedly Na`Vi & Avangar are the region favourites and the main question remained till the end of

The second to last match-day at PGI CIS Qualifiers presented by StarLadder has been left behind and already tomorrow, on the 24th of June, we will learn the champion's name. And now let's take a look at the standings at a close of the third gaming day.  

The end of the third match-day was finished in an unexpected way: Natus Vincere and AVANGAR have an equal number of points - 4835. But at the expense of Na'Vi creating more damage than their neighbour, they are deservedly taking the first place, while the Kazakh team is occupying the second line. The third spot is held by M19, who have secured the second victory at the tournament today. With a gap of 40 points, the fourth are forZe, who have also managed to gain the upper hand for the second time.  

Origin: starladder.com